​​​​​​​​​HSE and fire team remain facilitator to achieve GNPOC objectives to explore and exploit oil & gas. HSE KPI's performance is comparable with international benchmark. However, two fatalities in year 2014 have made us to think out of box and plan a better strategy. 'Safety of Contract Worker' shall continue to be focus area for year 2015. The communication is on with business partners for continued adherence to HSE policies and regulations.

Major KPIs Performance

Performance trend of major KPIs is shown in the charts below: Lost Time Injury Frequency LTIF, Recordable Incident Rate TRIR, Fatal Accident Rate FAR and Fire Incident Number FIN.

Although KPI's performance for 2014 is comparable with international oil & gas companies, GNPOC is working hard to enhance awareness of HSE culture among contractors and staff.


Health & Safety

Health and operational safety is on top agenda for GNPOC management. In year 2014 many procedures and systems were introduced/ strengthened to facilitate safe operations. New initiatives include HSE day, procedures, audits/inspections, safe work permits, risk assessment and job safety analysis. In 2014, the following activities have been accomplished:

  • Maintenance for the current units of Heglig hospital.
  • Started the Critical care unit and additional blocks in Heglig hospital for better emergency care for the outpatient and inpatient units. 
  • Establishment of Canar base camp clinic.
  • Carried out seasonal vaccination against Yellow Fever during the hot season.
  • Held 17 courses for First Aid & CPR and trained 353 candidates.
  • Delivered 18 health awareness lectures and trained 490 candidates.
  • Carried out medical checkup for GNPOC new employees. 
  • Treated 54,348 patients in Heglig medical facilities.
​ ​

HSE Training, Seminars and Competency Building:

To enhance HSE policies & regulation, the flowing key activities were carried out effectively;

  • Conducted in-house and external HSE training. 3,436 against the target of 3,000 of GNPOC & Contractors' staff were trained in various relevant fields.
  • Conducted contractor HSE meetings quarterly at headquarters and Bi-Weekly in the fields.
  • Effectively carried-out all scheduled HSE Inspection by management with close follow up on the action items.
  • Investigated accidents and near misses then ​appropriate actions was taken.

Environmental Preservation

Environmental preservation is regarded as a top priority in GNPOC operation. With this regard, the following activities were implemented;

  • Celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5, under the theme 'Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level'. The day was attended by GDES, General Director and GNPOC top Management.
  • Maintained produced water quality well below the national standard limits.
  • Ambient Air Quality check for all GNPOC facilities carried out and confirmed all parameters in normal limits and comply with local regulations and international standards.
  • Despite 7 oil spils and 21 Hydro Carbon Releases occured in the facilties, safety team managed to control Oil Spill Index in year 2014 to be 25.4 bbl.
  • Participated in the workshop on the contaminated soil & cleaning technology organized by General Directorate of Environment and Safety on October 20, 2014.
  • Conducted a successful housekeeping and plastic campaigns in Neem Base Camp, Neem market and village with participation of GNPOC Contractors, Local Community Leaders and Members of the Youth Union.
  • Closely monitored and enforced waste handling, segregation, temporary storage and proper disposal
  • Contracted for the provision of Domestic Waste Management for all GNPOC facilities.
  • Contracted for the new extension of forestry project.
  • Contracted of lifting of 15,000 empty metallic drums that were ​crushed and sent to Khartoum for recycling.