General Manager​
Mr. Chik Adnan Bin Abd Razak

Manager: Mr. Braja Gobal Samanta​

Mission Statement Manages, directs and coordinates exploration and appraisal activities in the company's concession area. This includes planning and directing all related seismic and data acquisition, processing and interpretation activities, initiating economic evaluation of hydrocarbon in place for undeveloped and newly discovered reservoirs, setting priorities for the development of new fields, provides geophysical services to development and production teams operating existing fields, recommends drilling o exploration and delineation wells and to identify needs for appraisal wells to evaluate economic feasibility of undeveloped fields.

Manager: Mr. Pan Youli​
Deputy Manager: Mr. Khalid Mohamed Elshafie

Provides geophysical, geotechnical, petrophysical and engineering services in the development of oil fields. This includes the design and installation of down hole well equipment, surface processing facilities and oil transportation system (flowlines and pipelines).

Mission Statement Technical Services
Manager: Mr. Yang Baodong
Deputy Manager: Mr. Adil Arabi

Provides technical services and support for exploration, development and production of oil and gas.

Manager: Mr. Mokhdzir Bin Mohd Yatim
Deputy Manager: Mr. Omer Mohamed Omer

Plans, manages, directs and controls the activities of the producing fields to achieve the production targets of hydrocarbon in the most cost effective manner and maximize the present value of reserves within the constraints of performance and standard oil practices .

Manager: Mr. Mishra Surya Nath​
Deputy Manager: Mr. Yu Jinbao

Mission Statement​ Plans and manages all the Operations activities including drilling engineering operations and construction activities associated with civil and facilities construction at each site. Provides input to and manages the development of short and long term drilling programmers ; the implementation of all programs through the use of contracted services and controls the construction and maintenance of oil field facilities and access. Drilling is carried out throughout the company's concession area for new oil wells and includes work over of existing wells. Construction includes providing and maintaining road access, airstrips, buildings and accommodation units and industrial facilities such as warehouses, workshops and tank farms.

Mr. Walid Khalid Hussein

Plans and controls a wide range of aviation services to support the activities of Exploration and Production, Pipeline (including Marine Terminal) and Headquarters. Services include the transportation of Company and authorized contractor employees and cargo to and from wells, CPF, pump stations, marine terminal and Khartoum. Provides aviation services for pipeline surveillance. Controls all related contracts.