Greater Nile Petroleum Operating company Limited (GNPOC), a company incorporated under the laws of Mauritius and having an office in Khartourn, the Republic of the Sudan is embarking on the computerized integrated ERP system for its business transactions. This initiative calls for structured and comprehensive means of gathering and maintaining data. Mission Statement

Within the 1st (first) quarter of 2005, GNPOC intends to start issuing Invitation-to-Bids (ITB's) only to vendors/short-listed-vendors that are listed in GNPOC VDMS. Interested vendors are strongly encouraged to get listed with GNPOC.

GNPOC has prepared a format for capturing data for listing in the VDMS. The format can be obtained by clicking on the links below and submitted as follows :

  • The Vendor Listing Datasheet, the Material and Services Standard Categories (MSSC) and the Datasheet User Guide (in Adobe Acrobat ) shall be downloaded from this web site and printed.
  • Datasheets shall be filled-up in accordance with the User Guide.
  • Datasheets shall be submitted to GNPOC by postal service or by hand.
  • Receipt confirmation letter (postal service) and receipt stub (by hand) shall be provided to Vendors.
  • ON-LINE / electronic submission shall not be accepted.

Vendor Database Mgmt. System Initiatives taken by GNPOC to encourage its vendor to form a communion with the company for more refined and productive results.

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