Mission Statement General Manager
Mr.Chen Mingzhuo

Deputy General Manager
Mr. Gamal Osman Abubaker

Manager: Mr. Zhao Hao

Plans, manages and participates in the provision of a full range of legal, corporate affairs and contractual services. Acts as the company's legal focal point providing legal advice and opinion, engaging and briefing external legal counsel, managing legal matters related to local and international legal disputes and ensuring the Company is fully and competently represented in the courts. Coordinates shareholders and Board matters and assists in any external contacts, media relations and Government Contacts. Manages all legal concerns related to the company's lease agreements and its relations with the Government of Sudan.

Manager: Mr. Rohaizar Bin Hassan
Deputy Manager: Mr. Yang Liqing​

Provides management with expert advice and information on all Business aspects of policies, plans and decisions pertaining to GNPOC Operations. Participates in ensuring the most profitable use of resources by facilitating Management decisions. Directs, coordinates and manages the activities to provide optimum efficiency and the required business information including business forecasts, improvement initiatives plans. Develops business strategies, and plans and presents to partners for approval. Adjusts such plans as conditions change. Coordinates marketing activities with outside agencies and ensures that the export of crude is properly implemented.

Human Resource
Manager: Mr. Alsayed Albasheer Adam​

Develops and ensures the implementation of human resources and related policies and procedures that are in accordance with GNPOC policies and procedures and Government Laws and Regulations, and that will enable the Company to achieve its business goals at an optimum cost.Mission Statement

Financial & Accounting
Manager: Mr. A. L. Srinivasan
Deputy Manager: Mr. Zhang Aiqin

Provide financial and accounting services for all the GNPOC operations. This includes the overall budget preparation, and control.

Contacts , Procurement & Logistics
Manager: Mr. Hani M.E. Babiker
Deputy Manager: Mr. Yang Cheng

Provide contract, procurement and logistics services for all the GNPOC operations.

Information Technology
Manager: Mr. Arun Fotedar

Plans, directs and controls the establishment and efficient operation of information systems for the company. Includes definitions of the Information System Strategy related to Company business strategies, objectives and plans, supporting policies and procedures, defining all hardware and software standards and systems, directing the design, development, implementation, maintenance and enhancement of systems at user locations throughout the field, port and administrative offices of the company, defining telemetry, telephone, LANS, WANS, Corporate processors and end user devises and related systems and providing on-going technical advice, training, support and maintenance activities for all users.

General Service Department
Manager:Mr. A/Gadir Elfadul

Plans, directs the activities which include the development, coordination and provision of a wide range of general services such as land transportation, maintenance/repair, housing, office services, catering services, public and local relations, etc.