Mission Statement

Mr. Chen Huanlong

Vice President
Mr. Fadul Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla

President's Office
Mdm. Liu Shengying

Provides advice and administrative support to the President of GNPOC.

Mission Statement Health, Safety & Environment
Manager: Mr. Ashok M. Deshpande
Deputy Manager: Mr. Elfatih Abdalla Farah

Plans, implements and administers a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment management system covering all areas of GNPOC's operations. ​

Manager: Mr. Ma'awia Mohamed Ah​med Mukhtar 

Manages and plans all security operations to safe-guard the company's head office, pipeline and field facilities, information systems, materials and equipment in transit and in storage for all areas of GNPOC's operations. Also, plan and implement community development projects covering basic needs, including supply of fresh water, health care, education, capacity development and other related activities.

Internal Audit
Manager: Mr. Babiker Tageldin Rahmatalla Mohammed

Conducts Internal Audit related to the GNPOC operations​​