​​​Health​​​​​Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

GNPOC operates within a broad social context with complex set of forces and social expectations. It

views Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a commitment towards the communities & stakeholders within and surrounding its concession areas. Extending neighborhood relation with such communities through provision of social services & facilities will strengthen the understanding of the role of GNPOC in promoting national and local developments, hence allowing operation to be run smoothly and safely.

Community Development (CD) Projects

CSR projects focus on services provision, preserving environment and minimizes risks of operations. The major programs that covers the following;

  • Environmental conservation, which comprises the Bioremediation and some HSE projects.
  • Community services, which comprises specific domains like Water, Health, Education and many other sub-domains.

    CD projects that were implemented in 2014 are listed below;


Budget ActualBudgetActual
New Water Wells400370258258
Solar System Program For Old Water Wells200200-
Water Consultant-50
TOTAL 600 570 308 258


Budget ActualBudgetActual
Fama New Health Centre (Alternative to Heglig Hospital )250225-
Fama Ranch (Heglig Area )150158-
Medicines For (Human & Animals)-10076
Medical Equipment100127-
Medical Consultant-50
TOTAL 500 510 150 76


Budget ActualBudgetActual
Fama New Basic School (Alternative to Alhuda Village )435392-
Additional Classes PS# 5 Area-172172
Alshaikh Sidig Hamdoon Local School-190
School Furniture-10069
School Uniform-100115
Building Consultant-5050
TOTAL PROJECTS 435 392 612 406


Budget ActualBudgetActual
5000 Sacks Of Dura (Sorgam) For Schools &Poor Families170195-
4 Generator Sets4561-
Sport Materials For School Competitions50693018
Building Materials For Maintenance Works (Old Schools & HCs)-10086
TOTAL PROJECTS 265 325 130 104

Bioremediation and New Forestry Projects

Neem Bioremedation project is designed to treat 75 kbwpd – currently 23 kbwpd which include plantation, monitoring, managing & analyzing produced water (PW) with total cost of USD 98 k. The contract was extended for one year starting from Nov ,2014 for implementing above activities. Some mitigation plans are in place to eliminate the challenges facing the effectiveness of the project such as:

  • Fencing, especially for reed beds to stop Cattle invasion
  • Stone pitching, lining or vegetation for the frequent collapse of systems dikes
  • Start planting with rainy water, soil replacement and import reeds with some soil on its roots to change the type of existing soil which affects reeds growth.
    New Forestry Project objectives are to improve produced water management by planting special trees,(indigenous species ) with high economic value for timber production and to utilize high production of PW of Heglig FPF/CPF (270 KBWPD), which can`t be consumed by old forestry (625 feddans). Total project area is 900 feddans & will be implemented in two equal phases; each phase is 450 feddans with total cost of USD 2.480 k for a duration of 5 years.
    Nursery activities
    Land Cleaning
    Current status & implemented activities:
  • Conducted KOM on 26th–March ,2014
  • continued in nursery activities of planting and production of seedlings.
  • Purchased & transported all projects equipment to site.
  • Seedling Production
  • Completed Land cleaning and leveling, canals layout & surveying activities.
  • System fencing under bidding by FNC ,and weir gates purchasing & installation bidding will be started after canalization completed
  • 1st phase of forestry system expected to be commissioned before end of 2015.